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Advertise your business, brand, with newswing

Advertise your business, brand, with newswing .



Along with showing sensetive news Newswing also advertise and promote its client’s business in multi dimentional way, as mention below.


  • We show attractive banner of client’s business on every page, story,article including our home page on our portal.


  • We prefer to stick client’s banner on the most visible place on portal.


  • We publish client’s articles related to their banner including their events and news on our portal as well as in our weekly newspaper.


  • We also deliver promotional 30s – 60s videos of our clients on our you tube channel which is also visible on our portal.


  • One of the best part of newswing is to provide Social Media Management for the clients. Our dedicated IT & Social Media expert are always ready to handle/manage/promote your all social media account.


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