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Youth, depression and suicide in the State Capital


The famous Freudian views that children are incapable of experiencing depression in the true sense because they don’t yet have a developed superego, is fading now.



Ranchi: A boy, in the final years of his teen, committed suicide last Saturday. Yes, he failed in a subject in his board exams. This family in Bundu is grieve stricken and unable to understand the significance of a school result in farmers society, but the depression did kill.

Guddu Kaur, a student of Guru Nanak English School took excessive dose of Torbidol, a tranquiliser as her mother refused her for a scooty on her birthday. Guddu blamed her mother for scolding her. Just ten years old Guddu is the only child of Yaspal Singh, a truck driver and her parents wanted to keep her happy in spite of all odds.

The famous Freudian views that children are incapable of experiencing depression in the true sense because they don’t yet have a developed superego, is fading now. The annual National Crime Record Bureau added one more category in list of crime and death that was persons below 16 years attempting suicide. India has now high rate of teen suicides.

Suicide is a major public and mental health problem in India and demands considerable measures. If data from National Crime Records Bureau is to be believed more adolescents die of suicide than any other cause like birth defects or any disease. Domestic strife, academic pressure as well as teenage infatuation are identified as the most common causative factors.

. “Academic pressure is considered as the normal cause of the suicide, beside this, children during their adolescent period feel opposite attraction towards opposite sex, sometime this leads to this kind of attempt” noted psychiatrist Amol Ranjan told News Wing.

Teenagers experience strong feeling of stress, confusion, self doubt, pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty and other fears while growing up. Domestic strife leading to divorce among parents and moving to new community with step parents and step sibling intensifies their self doubts and stress. For some teens suicide appears to be a solution to their problems. Teenagers due to the lack of coping skills with the existing situation take this harsh step.

“Children internalize negative cognition and extreme internalization of negative thoughts leads to complete withdrawal of social world and avoid interaction with any one. The child feels helplessness and later a feeling of hopelessness comes consequently turning into worthlessness of self,” says Dr. Ranjan.

The growing expectations of parents and peer pressures regarding educational and social success highly influence the young mind. Failure to achieve the expectations leads to take this severe step. There are various reasons why teenagers take this extreme step.

Dr. Ranjan has more views in this regard, “Parents put extreme pressure on their ward without acknowledging their mental and intellectual potential. The harsh truth is that many of parents wants to see their children what they were not able to achieve in their life. Most of the time parents provide all facilities to their children and don’t share their financial ability. This turns their ward’s mindset towards lavish lifestyle and gradually children develop aggressive attitude if the things are not provided to them. Some time this leads them to suicidal attempt to influence their arguments and demands,”.

Suicide is preventable. Depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders.  A psychiatric examination can be very helpful if parents are in doubt if their children are suffering from any mental pressure or depression.

“Suicide is definitely avertable provided parents are able to recognize the early signs of suicidal ideations among their wards,” says Ranjan. The child instantly go the seclusion, avoids meeting with relatives and friends and interaction among the family members.  Parents and teachers should help their children through stronger affectionate communication. In examination days parents should spend time with their children to ease them not to think about negative feelings related to the exams.

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