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You cannot upload time and download luck


Before a century Mark Twain asserted very powerfully that ” time is like money “.
In those days it was correct, today , i find it out dated.
Money could be regenerate but time could not be regenerate. Once gone means gone. Time cannot be recall or reproduce or regenerate.
DO you ever meet a person who is able to regenerate time?
Do you ever visited store is selling time ?
Can you have it from any software ?
I believe, Luck and time both are invisible factor and working immensely on viable factors of life. You cannot download luck from any web portal. You cannot buy it from any online portal.
luck is not under your control but preparation, actions, decisions are under your control. You can try, take decisions, and occupy for priorities. I am a lover of hard work but i believe there is a LUCK. I do not know the format and force behind it. But i believe, some invisible source is controlling and directing.
Hard work can replace hard luck.

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