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what are you doing in extra time ?


Extra Time
Even if you are busy, I’m sure you still have some Extra time, maybe in the night at home or at some points during the day. You should make the most of it.
I want to share the story of a limo driver. While waiting for his clients, he often had some Extra time. So what did he do? He brought some books with him and read them. These were books that taught him new skills. And the result? He used the knowledge to start an online business that eventually made him a multi-millionaire.
What about your Extra time? Have you made the most of it?
i do not know much about your Extra time but i suggest you to check your following activities.
Extra time for parents, family members, friends and well wishers
gardening and flowering
listening music
You can certainly select an activity which can add energy in you, make your fresh and add couple of positive vibrations.
Of course, Extra time could be a big problem for you. You could be busy in making millions of rupees. But at a same time, taking time out and occupying your worthy selves in most energetic activities will make difference in the life.

By:- Ujjwal Bhardwaj

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