Vinayak Creates Out of Wastes

Vinayak Toppo is an artist who has developed an interest in carving showpieces out of materials we often think of discarding when their utility is over. The raw materials of these showpieces comprise things such as dis¬carded parts of mobile phones and laptops.

“There is no scarcity of old mobile phones today.I take the piece of junk and change it into an art work,” says Toppo.


An alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Vinayak Toppo was a student of geography and also has a diploma.in painting. “Once as a child I made a sketch of my mother. Noticing that, my father motivated me to paint. Slowly different ideas started pouring in,” informs Toppo.


Having held his first exhibi¬tion at Jharkhand International Trade Fair, Toppo is quite satisfied with the response his work has received. The visitors were¬enthralled by his creativity and were thronging his stall in large numbers to get a glimpse of his works.

“Although I had no intention of selling my products.the people happily paid Rs 300 to Rs
400 for my work” adds Toppo. He has now received various offers from schools and insti¬tutes who are impressed with his exceptional talent to come and teach the students, However, his main priority for the future is to become a lec¬turer. Toppo says, “I want to become a lecturer but if the response to my art remains . this good then I might take it upas a profession.” (courtesy: HT City, Sweta Nair, Ranchi)

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