Temple demolition sparks violent clash between police and locals in Bihar

Patna : A violent clash broke out between the police and the locals in Vaishali district of Bihar when the police was in the middle of demolishing a temple yesterday in which several cops were injured.

Sub-Inspector of Police Sanjay Kumar’s rifle was snatched and he was severely beaten.The injured are being treated in a hospital here.The police had gone to demolish a temple following the court’s order.Earlier also, the police had gone with the district magistrate to demolish the temple, but failed to do so due to the locals’ anger against the administration.

The locals included both Hindus and Muslims who unitedly objected to demolition of the temple.The high court had ordered to demolish the Vasudev temple.The locals raised slogans against the administration and claimed that the real situation was not being revealed to the court.

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According to them, it is a private land but the administration is claiming it to be government’s property.

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