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Sons of Congress leader took revenge of his father defeat by defeating BJP in Phusro Municipal Council election



Bokaro: Winning both president and vice-president seats by Congress in

Phusro Municipal Election is not just a simple victory, but actually it’s a revenge took by the sons of former MLA, Bermo, Rajender Singh for his father defeat from the Bermo legislature of BJP, Yogeshwar Batul in earlier held assembly election, says people here.


The two youth leaders of Congress- Anup and Gaurav- left no stone
unturned to ensure winning of the Congress candidate, Vijay Kumar
Singh for the post president and Chedi Nonia in vice-president. Batul too had put serious effort to bag victory for BJP candidates.

 Anup and Gaurav under guidance of his father made Congress candidates win with good margin of votes by strategic planning, effort
and rigorous campaigning.

Kumar Jaimangal alias Anup, elder son of Rajender Singh, got huge
appreciation from the party cadres for proving his mettle and
dedication for the party in Municipal election. Many of the Congress
cadres in Bermo see Jaimangal as a successor of Rajender Singh.

Jaimangal, who was president of State Youth Congress, said “Congress
regained its ground in Bermo. We have proved that Bermo is a Congress
However Rajender Singh, Jaimangal and Gaurav were seen accepting
wishes from the party cadres after election results were announced on Sector- 1/B here on Friday.

 Elated with the victory Vijay Kumar Singh
and Nonia thanked Singh’s family for their immense support and posed for photographs with them. “We promise to work for the development of

The victory in Phusro Municipal Council election keeps importance to
Congress because it comes at a time when the party face defeat in majority of seats in other parts of state. It also raises concern for BJP as their candidates got defeated at a place where the sitting MP and MLA are of BJP. 

The BJP candidate Jagarnath Ram comes third in the fight for president seat. Second comes an
independent candidate, Archana Singh.
Vijay Kumar Singh defeated closest rival, Archana Singh with 1765
votes. Vijay Kumar Singh has scored 7505 votes. BJP candidate, Jagarnath Ram bagged 5118 votes.

 Of the political parties, JVM candidate
Abhay Kumar Sharma scored the least 576 votes. “There are 19
candidates for the post of President,” said Vikas Kumar Hembram,
district public relation officer.

Nonia wins the seat of vice-president by defeating BJP candidate,
Shivlal Ravi by 3187 votes. Nonia has obtained 10147 votes while Ravi
scored 6960 votes. There are 14 contestants for the post of
Vice-President. The Phusro election was held on 63 polling booths for
the 28 wards.

However internal bickering is said to be the main reason for defeat of BJP
candidate, a BJP leader said. The Congress candidate too suffered
internal problems during the contestant with many of its cadres turned
opponent. In a damage control exercise, Congress debarred its three
cadres from the party during the contest.

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