Rwanda to turn largest prison into museum

Kigali : Rwanda is set to turn the country’ s largest and oldest maximum security prison-Kigali Central Prison, commonly known as 1930, to a historical museum.

The prison that accommodates most of the high profile prisoners in the country will become a museum by June this year, according to the City of Kigali authorities, Xinhua reported.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Monique Mukaruriza, Kigali City Mayor, said that it’s a government property and it will soon become a historical museum.

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“The inmates occupying the facility will be relocated to a newly constructed Butamwa prison in Nyarugenge district. It is going to be a touristic site for both local and foreign visitors to learn more about Rwanda through this museum,” she added.

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Mukaruriza noted that it will be a general history museum, not prison history museum.

According to Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana, minister of internal security, Butamwa prison also in Kigali City will soon accommodate inmates from 1930 prison.

“Kigali City will decide on what the prison will turn into. If they want it to be a historical museum they are free to do it after the inmates have relocated to Butamwa,” he noted.

If turned into a museum, Kigali Central Prison will be the ninth museum in Rwanda.

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