Nukkad Natak To Curb Alcohol Addiction

||Kelly Kislaya||

The concept of street theaters more commonly known as Nukkad Natak is very old and still very effective. A Nukkad Natak was organized by the Information and Public Relations Department of Jharkhand at Albert Ekka Chowk on Friday. The objective of the play was abolition of narcotics.

The play was beautifully presented as the women performed Jhoomar dance on the beat of drums and the man enacted the role of an alcohol addict who dies in a pathetic condition. Many people collected at the spot to see the play. An onlooker, Sajid said, "The play is very informative and it will be a big help to curb drugs and alcohol addiction from the society".

The organizer of the play Neha Navneet, secretary of Nav Pratibha Sansthan said, "These kind of nukkad nataks are an eye opener for people. Alcohol addiction is the worst part of our society. It brings early aging and death. I will succeed only after such addictions are curbed from Jharkhand".

The Nav Pratibha Sansthan organizes many such street plays all across the state and always receives good feedback. Neha says, "people see the plays and ask us questions about how they can leave the habit of drinking alcohol and we give the best advice possible".

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