Nitish Government, Not So Clean

||by Kelly Kislaya||

A woman (Rupam Pathak) murdered an MLA (Raj Kishore Kesari) of Nitish Government who allegedly raped her. The MLA's "supporters" say that the charges are false and the woman was trying to blackmail the MLA since a long time. The MLA had been accused of rape by two women in the past years. 

Probe is in process and it would not be wise to judge the MLA without any proof. But, on a second thought, why will any woman take such a harsh step if her motive was only blackmail? Why would she murder him in public where she knew she had no chance to escape?


This is a big stain on the clean image of Nitish Government. Where on one hand the government is being praised for putting an end to criminal society in Bihar, on the other data of National election Watch (NEW) and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) has it that a total of 141 out of 241 or 59% of the newly elected MLAs have criminal backgrounds.

About 85 MLAs of the 141 analysed have serious criminal charges pending against them, including murder, kidnapping, abduction and illegal payments. The winning horse JD(U) has 58 out of 114 or 51% legislators with pending criminal cases and BJP has 64% or 58 out of 90 winning candidates with criminal cases. LJP that won three seats had a 100% record with police cases against all elected representatives.

Coming back to the murder case, Rupam Pathak's mother condoned her daughter's action and called her a "role model" for the society. If the society really start thinking of her as their role model then not many of the MLAs of the present Bihar government would feel safe to walk around in public.

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