‘My Precious Roomie’

Sapna Rani







Without you my life would still go on,
May it be a ‘bed of roses’ or a ‘path full of thorns’

I would breathe any how and eat N sleep well,
and be busy in my life wherever I would dwell.

I would smile very often, and have lot of stuffs to do,
and in this boring rat race I would start missing you.

And then over the phone we would again unite,
and would laugh aloud at each other’s sight.

You would say I have gone old! I would say you are fat.
You be my ‘TOM ‘and I be your ‘RAT’

Hours and hours we would spend over the phone,
and others would go mad at our crazy tone!

We would talk about everything that is insane,

while others would judge “Oh my god! They hv no brains!”

Then we would just giggle and laugh,
and then start sharing our life’s graph.

We would remember together the time we hv spent,
Oh yes! Those “ can’t get it back “ moments.

The days of laughter,the days of fun.
The mornings we ate “chai with bun”.

The radio nights, and dance on the bed,
Your blue night dress and my nighty in red!

The mirror that was mine but you owned it more,
You wanted to take it with you , I’m sure!

I would wonder how we shared the same bed,
And talk about our friendship from “A to z”….

Happy friendship Day! 😘😘😘



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