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Mr Chief Minister and think tanks of The Party !


By Rp Shahi

I know that this emotional outburst from an officer’s wife will have no effect on you as you are bent upon seizing the power even if you have to blacken the face of your ideals ( I often recall the great thinker Sri Govindacharya ).

I know you want officers like ex-DGP, who did all corrupt practices but joined the party and is now MP or that IAS who left job to fight election on party ticket while his better half managed your shows.
Administrative officers ,who are honest and true to their commitments to change system either leave their efforts in 10-15 years and join the loot band wagon or leave the system and go to some irrelevant posting outside Jharkhand.
All IAS/IPS/Administrative service officers, please stop for a moment and think about people like us who don’t have privilege of protection from the same system or CAG . 
We just want to work hard ,earn our living without any undue advantage from the system but are never left alone. We find that day by day the courage of corrupts and greedy is increasing and they are becoming bold and bolder. Now they do not only want to fulfill their greed but also satisfy their ego of showing that they are the masters. The high tolerance level of the society is being misused for such exploitation and the looters are looting with bold advertisements of their praise by themselves and their courtiers.
Be aware ! soon a day would come when people will arise and expose you and at that time you would have no place to hide your face. I have full faith that honesty and truth will prevail soon as your bold atrocities and corruptions are transparent now.
I only request the officers and this lady to keep fighting the corrupt system and dont leave hope…Even a small light would start the removal of darkness, slowly but surely.


From: Rp Shahi’s Facebook wall

हमें सपोर्ट करें, ताकि हम करते रहें स्वतंत्र और जनपक्षधर पत्रकारिता...

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