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Most Haunted domiciles in Ranchi, CM House, you heard it right!


Shishir Kumar


Ranchi, the magnificent old summer capital of combined Bengal, has a history. The rule and tyranny of the English, the luxury of the officials and the developmental death over ages -This city has seen a lot. 

Shishir Kumar

Ranchi, the magnificent old summer capital of combined Bengal, has a history. The rule and tyranny of the English, the luxury of the officials and the developmental death over ages -This city has seen a lot. 

With such rich history and culture this city has graves of millions. News Wing decides to look into the five most haunted sites in the city.  We strolled through roads that people don’t dare to go after sunset and spent night at houses that are branded haunted.

Yes, we lived the ghost stories of the city for our readers. Here are the haunted Domiciles we found worth sharing with you, dare not go after dark.

F13, HEC Colony – Situated beside a small stream this house can’t be found. The administration changed the house number after a series of incidence that took place here. The house is no more allotted to the employees.

The history of the place says none of the occupants ever survived this house. The elite neighborhood has no residents due to the horror experiences of the people who lived here in the past.

“We stayed in F-12. We lived the worst phase of our life there. This locality of the colony is given to the most elite officials. We initially thought that whatever was being said were rumors. But as time passed our family started getting affected, we lived what you see in horror movies. It’s good that the corporation has stopped allotting that house of common masses,” renowned international cyber crime expert and founder of Cyber Peace Foundation, Vineet Kumar shared.

The tale that the local people share is the suicide of a brother-sister duo. They claim that the two can be seen walking on the walls of the house visible to the world.

Imam Kothi, Booty More – One of the most magnificent buildings that was ever made in the city is the Imam Kothi.  Sir Sayeed Ali Imam, Prime Minister of Nizam of Hyderabad, was making this building for his third wife. However, he died due to illness before the house was completed. The graves of Imam Sahab and his wife rest in an adjoining premise.

It is said that the owner still guards this house. There have been multiple incidents where people who looked at Imam Kothi as a secure place to booze and party were thrashed by unseen entity.

“A night some youths, probably a marketing team of a medicine company, gathered in the premises. They were partying. We stopped them but they continued. One of them went to pee near the grave of Imam Sahab and by slapped by some unseen force. Such incidents are common here,” claimed the shopkeeper who runs his business besides the graves since past decade.

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पूर्व सीजेआई आरएम लोढा हुए साइबर ठगी के शिकार, एक लाख रुपए गंवाये

साइबर ठगों ने  पूर्व सीजेआई आरएम लोढा को निशाना बनाते हुए एक लाख रुपए ठग लिये.  खबर है कि ठगों ने जस्टिस आरएम लोढा के करीबी दोस्त के ईमेल अकाउंट से संदेश भेजकर एक लाख रुपए  की ठगी कर ली.

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The story does not end here – every new owner of this premise has faced ill luck after the possession of the house. The house has been sold multiple of times in the past decades and now is being used as godown by businessmen.

Old police station Jaganathpur – As you enter the new sparking building of the new Jagarnathpur police station, on the right side stands the debris of the old station that was later used as lodge for the patrolling party.

Those who had a chance to live in the building cannot forget the sleepless nights. The cops still look horrified when they share their experience of night halts in the building.

“When I became the officer-in-charge I was shocked to see that the night patrolling party did not sleep but sat for the whole night in the verandah. When I enquired they told me that post midnight the rooms is filled with screams of women and children while there is loud thud of firing,” shared Ram, the then Officer-in-charge of the PS. Later a small statue of Lord Hanuman was installed in front of the lodge that probably gave some rest to the night watchers. 

TB Sanatorium, Ranchi – No not the one in Tipudana. This Sanatorium was run by the British and was later shut down after it was sold to a corporate.   Later it was turned into a training college.

What was a TB Sanatorium? There was no cure for Tuberculosis then. A person suffering from TB was supposed to die. To stop it from spreading the person was cut off from society and kept in Sanatorium. So basically this premises was where thousands souls waited to get liberated.

“A doctor was lynched by the patients in the premises.  There were a lot of horrific incident in the past. When I joined the institution the workers here claimed being haunted. But I did not take it seriously being a non believer. A day I had my own experience. As I was sitting in the garden my body got paralyzed for a few moments and I could hear a person speaking in my ear. This was not the sole incident,” claimed the East India head of the company.

The students in the college had mass hysteria. We finally decided to dismantle the building, he added.

Chief Minister’s House – Words in air claim that the Chief Ministers residence of Jharkhand is haunted. The astrologers and pundits along with some of the close aids of the ex-CMs confirm the claim.

“A day Sahab shared a story. He said that the house is haunted. He at multiple occasions in the night saw a woman standing near his bed. It was because of this reason his bedroom was changed but of no help,” claimed a close aid of the CM of newly formed state.

“When the matter investigated what came out was a shock. There was a hall with wooden flooring in the CM house. A dancer was killed and buried below the floor. We got the whole floor dug and a concrete floor was made,” an ex official posted at the CM house.

We at News Wing don’t not accept or reject any of these claims but promise you to bring a list of the most haunted streets in the city soon. Keep a tap!

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