Jharkhand fails to implement ban on smoking on public places

Smoking at public places was banned two years ago in Jharkhand, but the state govt failed to implement the ban effectively.

In last two only 12 people were caught while smoking. When smoking was banned, the state govt had set up anti Tobacco cell in every district. The anti tobacco cell now exist only on paper. When smoking was banned at public places the state govt had come out with advertisement in local newspapers and identified the places of no smoking.

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Smoking was banned near school, colleges, hotels, railway station and other important public places. Even sell of tobacco was banned near school and colleges. The state govt had made provision of Rs 200 fine from a person found smoking at no smoking zone.


Now state govt is again gearing up to implement the ban effectively. “ The tobacco cell will be reconstituted soon in the state” said an official of tobacco cell of Ranchi.

“ The state govt is concerned about the rising use of tobacco in the state and we will take suitable measures to create awareness to minimize the use of tobacco” said Aradhana Patnaik, director of Jharkhand health department to reporters.  

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