India’s first Registered Braille Newspaper in Hindi

Mumbai: Paying a tribute to the Indomitable Will of the several millions with special needs, Nita Ambani, Chairperson, Reliance Foundation today unveiled the inaugural edition of Reliance Drishti, India’s first Registered Braille Newspaper in Hindi.

The function in Mumbai was attended by Swagat Thorat, Chief Editor of the Newspaper, K. Ramakrishna, Hon. Secretary General, National Association for the Blind (NAB), SSuparna Ajgaonkar, Director, Kamla Mehta School, Haresh Shah, Hon. Secretary Kamala Mehta School and Dinoo Gandhi – Hon. Secy – NAB among others.

Applauding the musical performances of the Children from Victoria Memorial School, Tardeo and Kamla Mehta School, Dadar at the function, Smt. Ambani said, “These young minds represent what Gandhiji had once said that ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’.” Two children also read out excerpts from the newspaper as part of the function.

Reliance Drishti, an initiative of Reliance Foundation, is a Hindi fortnightly printed in Braille which is envisaged to promote the access to information and enhance availability of contemporary news material for the visually challenged across the country. Reliance Drishti will cover wide ranging topics including current affairs, politics, social issues, foreign affairs, business, science & technology, arts, culture & literature, health, recipes, fables.

Edited by Swagat Thorat and supported by a team from Reliance Foundation, Reliance Drishti is expected to reach over 20,000 visually impaired and will be circulated through 325 institutions working with the visually impaired in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Ambani said, “The cause of the visually impaired has been very close to my heart since the time I have been involved with Drishti where we have imparted vision to over 10,000 through cornea transplants. I realized that there is the need for dedicated published material on current affairs and with Reliance Drishti we are seeking to add value to the lives of visually impaired in the country. The enthusiasm and dedication of Shri. Swagat Thorat and the support from the NAB have been critical to make Reliance Drishti a reality!!”

*About Reliance Foundation: *
Reliance Foundation is envisaged to be one of the foremost professional philanthropic organizations and was incorporated in 2010. The Reliance Foundation focuses on five pillars: rural transformation, education, health, urban renewal, and promotion and protection of India’s art and culture. The Foundation aims to create and support meaningful and innovative activities that will address some of India’s most pressing development challenges.

*About Drishti: *
Drishti is an initiative in association with National Association for the Blind (NAB), has taken up the noble cause of cornea transplants. Since its foundation in 2003, Drishti has completed 10,460 Cornea transplants. Drishti also conducts campaigns like RDEC (Reliance Drishti Essay Competition) and RDAC (Reliance Drishti Art Competition) to increase awareness and promote eye donation. Every year over 13,000 children of all the Reliance employees participate in this event.


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