न्यूज़ विंग
कल का इंतज़ार क्यों, आज की खबर अभी पढ़ें

Happy Birthday to the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar


Born on {24/04/1973} makes him No.6 (24) in numerology

His total of DOB adds to 3. {2+4+4+1+9+7+3=30=3}

{3,6,9} is his family of numbers.


His then record partnership of 664 runs with vinod kambli during a school cricket tournament happened on February 24th(6) 1987.
Sachin got married to his wife Anjali on May 24th(6).

Sachin is 6 year younger than Anjali.

Made his test debut on 15(6) Nov 1989, even the debut Year 1989 adds to 27(9).

First Test Century was on 9th(9) August 1990

One Day International Debut on 18(9)/Dec/1989.

First ODI Century was on 9th(9) Sep 1994

Signed Never heard deal of 100 Cr with WORLDTEL in 2001(3)

Sachin broke the world record for highest ODI runs by scoring 200 on February 24th(6) in 2010(3).

He received arjun award on his favourable year 21 st year (2+1=3)

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He received rajiv khel ratna award on his favourable year 24th year (2+4=6)

He was nominated for Rajya Sabha in his 39(3) year.

Number 6 represents Venus which makes one glamorous. He was seen endorsing maximum no of brands at one time.

हमें सपोर्ट करें, ताकि हम करते रहें स्वतंत्र और जनपक्षधर पत्रकारिता...

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