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Err of higher order – Jharkhand Film Development Corporation


“Ranchi Diaries movie review: This Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill starrer leaves you trying to define pointlessness” – Indian Express

‘Begum Jaan’ review : All sound and fury signifying nothing” – The Hindu

“Ajab Singh ki Gajab Kahani,” Review not found.

Begum Jaan happens to be the only movie made in Jharkhand that could recover its Budget in terms of collection at Box office is with a Gross of  Rs. 30,61,90,000. Thanks to Bhatt Camp and Vidya Balan.

The state which is known for films like Hip Hip Hurray and MS  Dhoni, is struggling to get one film that gets recognized ever since the formation of the Film Development Corporation here.

The purpose of the corporation was precisely to support the film making fraternity in the state and off course to boon tourism. The corporation does not seem to be fulfilling any of its agenda.

The best film made in terms of monitory recovery, Begum Jaan, was about a brothel and mentioned Jharkhand just in the title credit. Not to mention no local participation except the state IPRD paying huge funds in terms of subsidy. Begum Jaan is a bad film from the Bhatt camp, according to film critics.

The Chairman of JFDC, Anupam  Kher, took his share by making another flop that carried the name of the state capital. Deccan Chronicle writes “Ranchi Diaries is a case of a nervous breakdown or even a psychological disorder.”

The Film with a budget of 4,25,00,000 had a box office collection to Gross Rs. 1,11,00,000. Interestingly, the state corporation, chaired by Kher himself, granted an amount that’s almost the total business of the film in the name of subsidy to the film.

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Third film that made a great hullabaloo in the state media was “Ajab Singh in Gajab Kahani”. The budget of the film is unknown but the Box office collection of the film is a Rs.1,75,000. While the government has already paid the film maker Rishi Prakash Mishra a handsome amount, that is times more than this collection, is now preparing to shed some more in the endeavor.

“The files with proposal from the local film makers are not being entertained. We have even stopped applying. There is some Chartered accountant in Hazaribagh who is only one who can pass film. It’s not for the commoners just for the elites from power corridor,” claimed a Bhojpuri film maker on condition of anonymity.

Interestingly, directors-producers who hail from the state, and have a mark in the Bollywood industry, have no idea about the policy and subsidy. The Corporation seems to be choosy is divulging information.

Noted director, Prawal Raman, who hails from Jamshedpur shared his best wishes on knowing that Jharkhand is welcoming film makers. “Jharkhand has always been a great destination for film making. It is great that the Government is now supporting the Industry,” Raman, who has directed Dobara, Main aur Charles, Darna zaroori hai and Gayab, told News Wing.





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