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E- Hacking: UP Police busted a gang of high-tech criminals


Cyber Cell: UP Police busted a gang of high-tech criminals who were bypassing all the security measures installed by IRCTC and were selling confirmed Tatkal Ticket at premium. Through these softwares agents only used to fill passenger and train details along with mode of payment, and the multiple booking happened automatically at single click . Software even bypassed security features like CAPTCHA fields that are added to a website to check if a user is human or an automated programme. Built-in features in these illicit software included : Captcha Readers ( OCR based), paid Proxy IP services, Direct inward Dialled numbers based on VoIP architecture, OTP bypassing mechanisms, Robo ( Auto Form Fill ), Payment Gateway and eWallet services on fake KYC , complex chain of Indian and Foreign servers . Software developers and super, retail sellers were in touch on virtual numbers and used to install App on merchant system through RAT tools.
Huge pan- India racket and needs to be brutally crushed in larger interest of public.

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