Curtain Raiser: India-Nepal Joint Battalion Level Exercise SURYA KIRAN-XIII

PIB Delhi: Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN-XIII between India and Nepal will be conducted at Pithoragarh from 30 May to 12 June 2018.  The exercise will comprise of nearly 300 soldiers from both Indian and Nepal Army who would be sharing their experiences gained during conduct of various counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations in the past.


Exercise SURYA KIRAN is a biannual event which is conducted alternatively in Nepal and India.  Notably in the series of military training exercises undertaken by India with various countries, Exercise SURYA KIRAN with Nepal is the largest in terms of troop participation.  The aim of this exercise is to conduct battalion level joint training with emphasis on counter terrorism operations in mountainous terrain. During the exercise, aspects of disaster management and joint effort towards relief work have also been included.The joint military exercise will enhance the level of defence cooperation which will further strengthen the bilateral relations between the two nations.




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