Child Rights In Jharkhand

Percentage of children under the age of 3 years suffering from malnutrition is 54.6 which brings Jharkhand to 2nd position after Madhya Pradesh. The infant mortality rate in Jharkhand is 44 per 1000 live births.

The percentage of children 6-10 years attending school is 85% and 81% for male and female respectively and from 15-17 years is 49% and 34%. These were the data presented by UNICEF in a state level workshop on child rights in terms of development of child protection in Ranchi.

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UNICEF state head Job Zachariah said "If 200 people die in a train accident it makes the headlines but everyday 200 infants are dying in Jharkhand and no one is bothered about it". The objective of the workshop was a discussion about how media can help in the protection of child rights. According to Zachariah child rights can be recognized by duty bearers. Duty bearers does not just include the government but also civil society and the media.


On talking about media's role in protecting child rights Zachariah said " 10 years ago nobody used to write about child rights but in past 5 years media has become sensitive on such issues and its really appreciable. We expect more support from media in dealing with these issues".

This state level workshop was organized by Manthan Yuva Sansthan with support of Nation Foundation for India and UNICEF. 36 journalists from various districts of Jharkhand participated in this workshop.

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