Badnaam Munni Offered 2.5 for NewYr Item

Rs 2.5 crore. That's what Malaika Arora-Khan is being offered to perform at New Year's Eve. Aur yeh toh hona hi tha. Given that Munni Badnaam Hui is the biggest item song of the year so far, there's really little to stop Malla from asking for the sky.



Malaika confirms, "Offers to perform on New Year's Eve have come to me from various places; some have been fantastic but I am yet to make up my mind."

Says a source, "Malla hasn't performed at New Year's Eve for the last three years and has instead been part of family vacations to Dubai, Panvel and Goa.

This year, however, she is considering performing, given the track's popularity.

And though she has always had great offers come her way, this year it's the best. She is being wooed over bigger names like Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Mallika Sherawat."

A source close to Malaika says, "She has already had offers from Marriott and Sahara Star and Country Club among other venues.

She will decide depending on the place that accepts her terms and conditions (see box). It's not just how much she will get paid but her comfort level too and what suits her best."

Terms and Conditions

  • She will perform only in Mumbai.
  • Her performance will only last for a predetermined duration.
  • She will bring her entourage along and certain facilities have to be provided to them.
  • She is yet to decide if she will perform to a medley of songs or just to Munni.
  • Arbaaz will be involved in the decision-making for her.

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