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A Howrah based builder finance thefts to expand his real estate business

  • Mastermind Hasan Chikna gave much vital information to Bokaro police.
  • SP, Karthik.S and his team now laying effort to nab the builder.
  • This probably is the first burglary incident when two accused surrender in court fearing SP,Karthik.S.
  • At a time when Odisha and Uttar Pradesh police is struggling to nab Chikna, SP, Karthik.S with his strategy and team support arrested the kingpin from Mumbai.


Bokaro: Arrested mastermind of a gang of thieves, Hasan Khalil Shaikh alias Hasan Chikna (37) revealed before police that a Kolkata based builder has financed the locker’s theft held in State Bank of India (SBI), Administrative Branch on December, 26, 2017. Chikna has a good network with gangs of thieves active in different parts of the country. Chikna had targeted more than a dozen banks and jewelery shops in country.


 Chikna confessed that there are financers who sponsor such thefts in different states. Their prime targets used to be gold-silvery jewelries in banks and jewelry shops. After success of burglary, those financers used to take their share or purchase stolen jewelries from the gang giving handsome money. Later using their network, the financer’s sell or mortgage stolen jewelries. And used to circulate the money they earned into their trade.

“In SBI locker’s theft, it was Abul Hassan a resident of Madartalla Lane, Howrah who has financed four lakh rupees to Chikna to commit the crime. Chikna after the crime gave three kilograms of gold jewelries to Abul Hassan and got Rs 30 lakhs cash in return. Conducting investigation, we found that Abul took loan against the gold jewelries from Muthoot Finance and put that money in his real estate business,” said Karthik S, SP.

Abul alongwith his brother-in-law Mohammad Akhtar used to run this illegal trade. They are receivers of stolen items and jewelries committed by thieves in trains. They run a real estate business in Howrah and used to put money they earn from stolen items in it.  Chikna came in contact with Akhtar in 2017. It was Akhtar who gave lead about the theft in SBI, Bokaro. Chikna first came in June, 2017 and recce SBI, but returned, and later committed the crime in November.

There were 13 members including Akhtar who committed theft of gold and silver ornaments of worth Rs 11 crores from 71 lockers of SBI. Chikna arranged hotel in Dhanbad for the members and came riding to SBI in autorickshaw. Conducting investigation, police had arrested 11 members including Akhtar on March, 19. Two of the members Mohammad Shamim and Hasib and the builder, Abul are absconding, said SP.

According to police, the gang has stolen 14 kilograms of gold jewelries and 40 kilogram of Silver ornaments and Rs 1.5 lakh cash from the SBI lockers. Police have recovered 5.5 kilograms of gold ornaments and 33.64 lakh cash from the possession of Chikna conducting raid at Nerul area in Mumbai on May, 23. Earlier 3.5 kilograms gold, six kilograms silver and 1.67 lakhs was recovered from possession of other accused.

Chikna was brought to Bokaro on Transit remand.  He during police interrogation confessed that after committing burglary in SBI locker, he went to Malda, West Bengal and distributed the stolen ornaments among his associates. After distribution, he kept seven kilogram with him of which he gave three kilograms of gold ornaments to Abul against Rs 30 lakh cash.

Later on April, 29 he again committed locker theft with another gang in UCO Bank situated at Civil Lines, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. He then took his share of three kilograms gold ornaments and four lakh rupees went to Mumbai in train. In Allahabad theft, it was Akbar who financed the burglary. A team of Allahabad police alongwith locker victim’s has come to Bokaro to identify their jewelries recovered from Chikna possession in Mumbai.

A three member police team of Bokaro found that Chikna has kept the stolen jewelries in a shanty in Mumbai and leaves with his girl friend at other place. Chikna has two wifes, of them, one Firdosi Bibi was arrested by police from Malda, West Bengal. Police recovered 58 pieces of gold jewelries (two kilograms) and cash which were stolen from SBI lockers from possession of Bibi.

SP said “Chikna is accused in 13 burglary cases in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. He always keeps an expert of gas cutting in his gang to broke locker’s. We received immense support from Malda and Mumbai police in connection to arrest of Chikna and his associates. An appreciation letter is being sent to them. Jharkhand police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh on Chikna’s arrest, which will be recommended to the special investigation team (SIT)”.





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