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How Does One Become A Millionaire Billionaire?

by Stan Swamy
The print media has reported that from among the 946 billionaires in the world 36 are Indians. The total assets of these Indians is reported to be $191 billion ($191,000 crores or Rs. 85,95,000 crores) which is about 25% of India’s Gross Domestic Produce (GDP). That means the rest of the 100 crore Indians have the remaining 75% to share among them. Another study reveals that whereas in China the better off 50% of the population own 14 % of the nation’s wealth, in India the better off 50% Indians own 92% of India’s wealth. That means, the worse off 50% Indians have only 8% to share among themselves.


The Armed Forces And Our Society

by Brig (Retd) PT Gangadharan
The personnel of Armed Forces are enrolled from our society purely on a volunteer basis, without any distinction in class, colour, creed, cast and religion. The Armed Forces are also open to women in certain select categories; the only exception in this case hitherto was the Army Medical Corps. .. It is emphasized that there are no reservations of any kind in the Armed Forces and all selections are based on merit. In every sense, the Armed Forces are an all India service and a true depiction of national honor, pride and unity.



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