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Ram Jethmalani : A lawyer extraordinaire!

One whom age has not withered, one who is always alive to the situation and is kicking, is the one and only highly accomplished super lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani. There is everything extraordinaire about him, a good human being, a legal professional par excellence, a person with overflowing milk of human kindness, a politician out to uphold majesty of law and authority et al.
Nonagenarian enters 94 years on completion of his 93 yearlong life of fulfillments and glory in September 2016. On this occasion, one feels like saluting him for his pursuit of excellence in all walks of life, his indomitable will, his courage, his conviction, his dexterity, his legal profession, his resolute stand on issues he feels like voicing his views, his life style, his fitness regime and so on.
As a politician, Ram Jethmalani was elected twice to represent Mumbai in the Lok Sabha. He later became Member of the Rajya Sabha and is currently representing Bihar in the Upper House. He served as Union Minister of Law, Justice and Company Affairs twice and once as Union Minister of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, in the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government. As Union Urban Development Minister, Jethmalani took a resolute stand to uphold the majesty of the authority plenipotentiary of the Government of India when he wanted to sack then Urban Development Secretary Kiran Agrawal over some differences. When the Prime Minister Vajpayee did not agree with him, Jethmalani issued an order divesting then Urban Development Secretary of all executive power, thus suffocating her in the office. Jethmalani had contested General Elections to the Lok Sabha against Atal Bihari Bajpayee in 2004 from Lucknow Parliamentary Constituency.
Born in September 1923, Ram Jethmalani is a lawyer of unparallel caliber and repute. He has been Chairman of Bar Council of India and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, four times each. During the last over 70 years of legal practice, he has represented a sweep of cases from the high profile to the controversial for which he has often faced severe criticism. He maintains 90 per cent of cases he fights is free of cost. He is a well-known face in the legal community in India and English speaking world. He has been both teaching and practicing law. Such is the professional prowess of the celebrated lawyer that despite the fact that his forte lies in criminal law, he has appeared in many high profile civil cases. He also continues to be the highest paid lawyer in the country. He maintains nobility of legal professional excellence when he accepts briefs from publicly perceived notorious elements, the objective being provision of legal defence to all without reservation, the highest legal professional ethics.
Ram Jethmalani has been blessed with four children, two sons and two daughters. Everything about him is unique. He became lawyer at 18, did LL.B at 17. He also did his LL.M. He has maintained a simple life style in the form of a good physical and mental health. A strict vegetarian, eats two meals a day. He also maintains a regime of fitness enjoying tennis for an hour daily.
Jethmalani has innumerable awards, national and international, to his credit. He has authored several books including a biography under his strict supervision. One of the finest minds and at that a most brilliant one, is known for his sharp wit, humour and repartee. He is a very hard taskmaster and a colourful person, a very hard working, fine and fit.
Over the years, Ram Jethmalani has inspired generations of legal professionals and others by his own examples of hard work, courage, convictions and immeasurable ability to take up ever newer challenges with his invincible faith that man cannot be defeated if there is will to fight. Such is his driven, focused and resolute life style that one wishes him a very long life for emulation by the posterity!

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