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As Internet gives fast accessibility to vast resources of knowledge in the most convenient way, developing countries like India and particularly Hindi States, as ours are enthusiastic towards participation in this era of Globalization. Concerned individuals, administrators, journalists, business persons teachers, students; all want to be informed in depth on public related matters, but are unable to find the right medium to quench their thirst for information. Regular media rarely explore social, political and policy processes in detail. Thanks to the Internet policy of our governments and the service provider houses! As the medium of Internet gives accessibility by simple click to millions of relevant pages, a number of big web houses have emerged and one of them with difference NEWSWING.COM is engineering a leader to provide pertinent content through self-sustaining source, Internet.

STRUCTURE AND CONTENTS: A bilingual emerging community portal, NEWSWING.COM, so far comprises news information with addition of infotainment, appending databank, highlighting current issues with impartial expert analysis and readers review in communicative English and Hindi. NEWSWING identifies itself with people around, gives deep-rooted information of TRUTH in simple language and keeps perspective of national, global importance.

NEWSWING provides information and news on issues that matter to discerning readers. News, stories, articles etc focusing mainly on Jharkhand and around have been categorized over 14 topics. Our exclusive photo gallery contributed by prominent photojournalists of Ranchi and major headquarters give kaleidoscopic picture. Some more contributing photojournalists and reporters from different parts of the country are continuously joining us. Complete interactive relationship is applied for our visitors, soliciting their critical comment. As our website is easy to access, has exclusive focus on the public interest and development; curiosity of readers gets satisfied with well-designed news and infotainment magazine. We invite views of academicians, policy experts, scholars, leading journalists, students, research, public welfare oriented persons and expeditiously publish them to broader network for national and global readers with the help of our other web sites, like,, News etc of our KITS network.

Originating from Jharkhand, the top priority of Newswing is to promote Hindi states, and voiceless communities of the region. This objective may not be so important for outer world but Jharkhand, a state having rich heritage, precious natural resources, scenic beauty, sport centric people who know to be merry in penury, has excellent potential to be on Global map.. Newswing strives to bridge Jharkhand with rest of the world.

Along with Newswing this movement is well supported by KITS, a team with passion to deliver and well organized with web experts, journalists and consulting professionals. KITS, headed by motivated expert having 20 years of media and journalism experience and 10 years of web expertise, is well formulated on content management.

KITS Newswing portal is umbilically connected with KITS, the mother organization, with its network comprising of (Another News Serving Bilingual Website), (a people podium to media world), (multimedia gallery with news and feature photo bank at present, and news-video-audio just to be launched), and (coming soon). KITS has the credit of developing and managing the first web based CMSs (content management systems) for media houses (including a leading Hindi daily from Jharkhand), and industrial houses in this Hindi belt of the eastern region.

Jhakhand State acknowledges KITS: The KITS team has been entrusted with the credit of developing Computer Software of script for KURUKH, a widely used local language of Jharkhand. The script, ‘TOLONG SIKI’, developed by a group of academicians was placed before KITS team as a challenge to develop its FONT. KITS accomplished the font named ‘KELLY TOLONG’. While the Beta version was issued in the year 2002, its final version was completed in March 2007. The Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo and Honourable HRD minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Bandhu Tirkey presented the exclusive software of Jharkhand ‘KELLY TOLONG’, on 3rd April 2007 at Central Library, Ranchi University.

Mobile Contact :

Call: 09431113111 (India)

नई दिल्ली: इस सदी में 'हम्मा हम्मा', 'तम्मा तम्मा', 'लैला मैं लैला' और 'सारा जमाना' जैसे पुराने ग...

मुंबई: राकेश ओम प्रकाश मेहरा की फिल्म 'मिज्र्या' से अपने करियर की शुरुआत करने वाली अभिनेत्री सैया...

अभिनेत्री श्रद्धा कपूर यू तो हर बार एक अलग किरदार में नज़र आती है और ऐसा ही एक अलग किरदार श्रद्धा...

दुबई: अंतर्राष्ट्रीय क्रिकेट परिषद (आईसीसी) ने गुरुवार को अपने नए वित्तीय मॉडल की घोषणा कर दी, जि...

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